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We are a group of action-driven members with diverse experience, expertise and most of all, passion for making life better for our children. The inclusion of ethnic studies for K-12 is a great place to start.


Let's join and work together to actively advocate for inclusion and truth in our education.


Teach Us History - All Of it.


By Representative Tram Nguyen

We are so grateful to Representative Tram Nguyen and Representative Steven Ultrino for championing the CARE Bill H.542/S.288, An Act to Promote Racially Inclusive Curriculum for K-12 Schools. 

Check out Representative Nguyen's article on the need for more inclusive education, which was selected and published by the Harvard Kennedy School Review. It illustrates the crucial and urgent impact that H.542/H.288 would have on building a better curriculum for all K-12 students and help uplift students' lived experiences. The bill calls for the teaching about the significant contributions of all diverse backgrounds. Read her published article HERE!

Please continue to advocate for this bill by spending a minute to write to your MA legislators HERE

Support Racially Inclusive Curriculum in Education
Read about our 2023-2024 Legislation!


Show YOUR support for this bill to ensure its passage in this session.

The CARE bill has had its reporting date extended to Friday, March 15, 2024. 

We need to send as many letters as possible to the
Joint Committee on Education by Monday, March 11 for maximum impact.
Submit testimony in support for S.288
/H.542 HERE.

Click HERE to listen to the testimony given by high school and college students, educators, local school committee members, parents, business leaders, a mental health expert, saving democracy activists, immigrants, and individuals from AAPI, Black, Indigenous and Latino communities from across the Commonwealth.

Over 300 people have written testimonies in support of this bill so far.
It's not too late to add in your testimony! Your support is important!

Click HERE to submit support for S.288
/H.542 by email
to your legislators and the Joint Committee on Education.

Organizations can click HERE to endorse S.288/H.542.

The youth-led visits with legislators made for a highly impactful lobby day!

Thank you to all who came to support and advocate for a racially inclusive curriculum in our schools! 

Thank you Senator Ed Kennedy for hosting the Conversation on Racially Inclusive Curriculum.

So much gratitude to all the panelists for the  contribution of their experience, insights and transparency on the critical issue of racially inclusive curriculum in schools. 

Please write to your legislators and ask them to support S.288/H.542.



Thank you for joining CARE's Brave Space for BIPOC Educators panel discussion with prominent educational leaders who are dedicated to the advancement of social justice in education.  Stay tuned for more to come!
Click the graphic to watch the video recording ->

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