Provide Written testimony

  • Hearing was held on September 13.  The Education Committee is still taking written testimonies until the bills are reported out of committee.

Ask your legislator to cosponsor MA Bills S.365 & H.584

  • Contact your legislators, especially those on the Education Committee, and ask them to MOVE OUR BILL OUT OF COMMITTEE FAVORABLY!! 

  • To advance the bills, we need a majority of the 160 state representatives and of the 40 state senators in the MA State Legislature to vote yes in this legislative session. 

  • Your support and voice is very important to building support.

Write letters to editors (LTEs) to your local newspapers

  • Reach large audience

  • Often monitored by elected officials

  • can bring up information not addressed in a news article.

Other actions you can take

  • Talk to school committees and town officials 

  • Reach out to your network all across MA.  

  • Help organize forums in your legislative district or your organization

  • Get your organizations to endorse the bills.

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